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Nano Rubber Pad with Phone Stand- Bone/Strip

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Product Description

This nano rubber pad can be used as a phone holder, which is stronger, flexible and non-slip. It suits many kinds of surface, rough or smooth.


Color: Black
Shape: Bone, Strip
Size: 13.5*5.5*0.35cm/15*3*0.5cm Package: 1 x Bone& 1 x Strip
Weight: 65g


• Stronger, flexible and Non-slip
• Environmental friendly, midew resistant baderia
• Convenient to carry
• Suitable for most surfaces, rough or smooth
• Can holder most suitable size thing, like a bottle, phone, toys...
• Washable for recycling
• High temperature resistance
• No residue after using
• Various shapes for your own creation

packing list

• 1 x 2pcs/set Nano Rubber Pad

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