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Stab and Pop-up Plastic Pirate Bucket Toy

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Product Description

Are you a mom or a school teacher and you are looking for that perfect toy that will both engage your children and educate them? You are at the right place! This balancing toy is created in a wonderful combination of colors, patterns, designs and textures, which helps your children to be creative. The pirate of this toy is a very funny, crazy figure with raised arms. You can easily Set this pirate frame on the top of the barrel, then insert various swords into the drilled cleavages without these daggers touching the toy figure as it will bounce if you push the sword any further. This game is also a fun way in which to identify different colors and designs. Festively colored parts and unique patterns add immense fun and creative play to the game. Real, appealing colors and tones attract the little ones extensively, allowing them to indulge in the toy game of fun, pretend play. This mind boggling game set for kids allows a creative learning outcome in the most entertaining manner imaginable. It also serves as a perfect and wonderful gift for little children.


Type A: 5.8*5.8*9cm (mini size)
Type B: 11*11*15cm (medium size)
Material: Plastic
Manufacturer recommended age: more than 3 years old


• This premium pirate pop-up game is an educational game. It needs a lot of tricks and schemes to safely insert all the provided swords into the barrel without harming the Gorilla and avoiding sword clash.
• This is a perfect and well designed game of action and suspense. Just let the pirate sit on this barrel that contains slits where so many enticing and colorful swords could be inserted, without hurting your Gorilla of course.
• You will never go wrong with this educative toy game. The toy swords are safe to use and have no pointed ends. The pirate figure is quite friendly to play with. It will easy draw the attention of young and holder once.
• This barrel is designed just like a real wooden cylinder. Pirate toy is painted in original combination of captivating and natural colors. All these toy swords are available in various colors such as red, yellow, and blue and green, ensuring best play time.

packing list

• 1 x Barrel
• 1 x Doll
• 24 x Swords

Order Tips

• Be careful, because a wrong move will send a black beard pirate.
• Do not stick on your head while playing in the barrel, otherwise, the bounce will hurt your eyes.
• The pirates will jump out of the barrel of the organization, each game, in the locked position changes.

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