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Wishing Light Sky Lantern

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Product Description

The Sky Lantern has an oval shape and made of superior paper material. Its unique craftsmanship will perfectly interpret aesthetics. Unique and perfect ornaments for your home!


Material: Fire-Resistant Paper
Size: 840 x 460 x 320mm
Wight: 48g


• Small fuel source in middle--light with the match.
• Once lit, the lantern will slowly float into the sky while emitting a soft glow.
• Made by 100% fire-retardant biodegradable material.
• Ideal for family get-togethers and parties.
• Lantern candles eventually burn out in the sky, and then softly fall to the ground safely.
• Easy to use, set includes everything you need to enjoy this unique item.

packing list

• 1 x Wishing Light Sky Lanterns

Order Tips

• Shipped out with random colors.

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